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HK Audio Company founders (and brothers) Hans and Lothar Stamer began producing their own loudspeaker cabinets in 1979 in a small shop in southwestern Germany. While the production space may have been small, their aspirations were not. Soon, the reputation of their products for craftsmanship and performance spread, prompting them to expand operations time and time again. Along the way, they served as Original Equipment Manufacturer to some of the most revered international names in pro audio. Over time, they developed and manufactured professional touring systems for larger and larger venues, including audiences of 100,000 and more.

Today, systems manufactured in their world-class facilities in St. Wendel, Germany, are called into service for an extremely broad range of applications. Thanks to the efforts of a highly skilled and dedicated team of more than 200 people, HK Audio® has firmly established itself as one of the most distinguished names in professional sound reinforcement in Europe.


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The PREMIUM PR:O series’ best-in-class acoustic properties and features set standards for others to follow. Its remarkably linear frequency response, precise attack and decay, and tremendous sound pressure certainly raise the performance bar. The audio image remains transparent, homogeneous and remarkably articulate across a very wide dynamic range. All PREMIUM PR: O models come in rugged, road-worthy wood cabinets. They not only deliver a stable sonic image, but also stand up to the wear and tear of life on the road. And the second generation PTC™ provides reliable protection for high-frequency drivers. The active models ship with easy-to-use electronic circuitry including a 600-watt, Class-D power amp. The powered units weigh just 1.5 kg more than their passive siblings, but their acoustical properties are compatible so the two are easily combined. All mid/ high units may be used as standalone fullrange cabs and in combination with PR:O 18 and PR:O 210 SUB subwoofers.

We have TWO Lucas Nano 300 systems
Incredibly compact and versatile



World Class Superior Performance and Loudness from this top class Maker that offers you a 5 year warranty for total confidence and peace of mind!

This is the HK Audio Linear 5 range.




Linear 5 – Superior Performance & Loudness. With Linear 5, HK Audio has unveiled a line of high-performance PA cabinets that is sure to delight ambitious musicians and DJs as well as discerning hire companies.
No other system competing in the class of 1“ drivers can match its SPL
. The high-quality wood housings are anything but standard. Made of tough multilayer birch plywood and a birch/ MDF hybrid, these rugged enclosures not only stand up to the rigors of the road, they also have excellent performance-enhancing acoustical properties. Top-drawer features like this usually come at a steep price, but the Linear 5 line is surprisingly affordable.

Linear 5 is exceptionally versatile: It takes just two L5 212 FA units to set up a full-fledged full-range system. Two stackable Linear 5 subwoofers may be added for applications requiring more bass. What’s more, these tops can also serve as delay line monitors (the XA model) and as speakers in distributed sound reinforcement systems. Engineered by a crack R&D team that has been designing pro audio equipment for more than 25 years.
Linear 5 is made in Germany. Users expect nothing less than flawless finishing, faithful reproduction, and excellent specs from HK Audio. Linear 5 delivers all this and more: HK Audio provides exemplary service in 55 countries around the world.
L5 112 FA This 12"/1" fullrange top delivers the most powerful bass performance in its class. Equipped with a switchable EQ, it may be deployed as a stand-alone cab, in stereo pairs, and as a satellite paired with a Linear 5 subwoofer. GB 
L5 112 XA Engineered to deliver high sound pressure levels (135 dB MAX SPL peak), this 12"/1" model also sports a switchable filter. Its considerable range makes it an excellent choice as a top unit and in combination with the Linear Sub 2000 A. It also serves as an excellent monitor with a plenty of gain before feedback, with the rotatable 60° x 40° CD horn providing exemplary coverage and directivity.  GB 
L5 115 FA This powered 15" fullrange top delivers 1,000 watts as a stand-alone cabinet, making it the loudest reference speaker in its class. Like the L5 FA 112, it features an asymmetrical horn with an optimized coverage pattern that is wider up front and grows more directed with distance, thereby achieving greater range. GB £759
L Sub 2000 A A 1,200-watt powered subwoofer in a bandpass housing (sixth-order double bandpass), this unit features a 2.5" voice coil with advanced cooling technology and a dual spider suspension that keeps it perfectly centered for ultra precise tracking.  GB
L Sub 1200 A Compact, light and housed in a bass reflex enclosure, this sub is ideal for band PAs. Loaded with two 10" woofers and a remarkably effective 1,200 watt, Class-D power amp, it can also drive a connected passive L5 210 Sub.  GB








HK Audio's very clever computerised EQ single dial from speech to music which automatically compensates frequencies and levels according to setting. That's very clever and easy to set up! 

PR:O 12A A full range enclosure in classic 12"/1" format, this cab’s balanced sonic image, speech intelligibility, and high SPL are certainly impressive. It is the perfect satellite for the PR:O 18 Sub A. The PR:O 12A also features 600 watts power circuitry and a Speakon® port for connecting a passive auxiliary cabinet.

Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 85 Hz – 19 kHz Frequency response -10 dB: 78 Hz – 19 kHz Maximum SPL, @ 10% THD: 123 dB Connections: 1x XLR Combi Line In/Mic balanced, 1x XLR Through balanced LF Speaker: 12" HF Driver: 1" Horn characteristics: 60° x 40° CD horn Equalizer: Tone Control Subsonic filter: 35 Hz Peak limiter: Yes RMS-Soundlimiter: Yes HF protection (passive): Dyn. protection circuit Amplifier: 600 W class D – 4 ohms Parallel Speaker Out Min Impedance 8 Ohm/300 Watt: 1x Speakon Pole mount: DuoTilt 3/7 Rigging points: 3x M8 Handles: 2, integrated Enclosure: MDF Grille: Metal grille with acoustic foam Finish: Acrylic painture, black Dimensions: (WxHxD) 39 cm x 57 cm x 36 cm Weight: 19.5 kg / 43 lbs

Remember, to get the UK full 5 year warranty you need to buy UK distribution stock.




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