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GB Music carry a variety of Harmonicas for a variety of styles and budgets
We can obtain most specialist instruments quickly if not in stock already)


A / D    Bb / Eb   B / E   C / F   C# / F#   D / G   Eb / A#    E / A    F / Bb   F# / B   G / C   G# / C#



1910A Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic A
1910C Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic C
1910D Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic D
1910E Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic E
1910F Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic F
1910G Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic G

RRP £37.99

GB Music £31.00

Made in Japan  

Suzuki Harmonica Winner 20 Hole Tremolo C


Suzuki Harmonica Tremolo C 24 Double Hole
Suzuki Harmonica Tremolo A 24 Double Hole

Hohner - Made in Germany    
RRP £29.95 GB Music £26


On December 16th, 1965 a musical instrument was played in outer space for the first time in history. Walter Schirra, commander on board the Gemini 6, surprised Mission Control with the Christmas tune “Jingle Bells” played a HOHNER harmonica. We commemorate the 50th anniversary of this remarkable occasion with the HOHNER 360°, still small enough to make it your permanent companion.

10 hole diatonic harmonica Transparent ABS body C-major Made in Germany 30 days free lessons from David Barrett’s Bluesharmonica.com

Reed plates 0,9 mm brass Number of holes 10 item name HOHNER 360° type diatonic Key C tuning Richter Reeds 20 brass Cover surface stainless steel Reed plate surface brass Mouthpiece surface transparent ABS Comb transparent ABS Length 10,5 cm



Special 20

A smooth "comfortable" feeling harmonica with genuine brass plates recessed in a plastic body. The Special 20 is an exceptionally warm-sounding airtight instrument with bolted on covers.

Model Special 20 Series Classic Series Description Durable plastic comb with mouthpiece for more playing comfort, recessed reed plates affixed with screws. The stable construction and full sound make the Special 20 one of the most popular Richter models. Airtight, loud and reliable. Sound Diatonic Reeds 20 Reed Plate Brass, 0.9mm

Standard Stock: C,G,D,E

A sold out





Silver Star

Discover the fascinating world of the harmonica and quickly learn to play your favorite folk and pop tunes! The Silver Star harmonica comes with 30 days of free online harmonica lessons.

Plastic comb produces a bright, clear tone Recessed reed plates for air tightness Screw assembly for easy maintenance

type diatonic Key C or G tuning Richter Number of holes 10 Reeds 20 brass Reed plates 0,9 mm brass Cover surface stainless steel Reed plate surface brass Mouthpiece surface ABS Comb ABS, black






Instant Harmonica Pack

Includes: CD, Book and Silver Star Harmonica

CD, Book and HOHNER Silver Star. The easy-to-follow tutor that gets you playing great music right away. The accompanying CD demonstrates everything in the book as well as giving tips on vibrato, notebending, vamping, cross-harp style and professional techniques.





BJ Blues

Available in 'A' 'C' and 'G'

Just £7.99 ea
24 Hole Chromatic Harmonica BJ Blues

Chromatic Harmonica

Just £12.99

Our Hohners include: Chrometa 12 C  |  Chrometa 12 G  |  Ocean Star C  |  Big Valley C  |  Big Valley D  |  Echo Celeste C  |  Echo Celeste G


“It was not easy to achieve the standard that Bob Dylan represents. Among other things, we gold-plated the reed plate in order to achieve the specific sonic requirements.” - Scott Emmerman, Director of Marketing and Sales, Hohner, Inc.

Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Series


Bob Dylan Signature Single - type diatonic - Key C - tuning Richter - Number of holes 10 - Reeds 20 brass - Cover surface stainless steel - Reed plates 0,9 mm brass - Reed plate surface brass - Mouthpiece surface African hardwood doussie - Comb African hardwood doussie, brown - Length 10,5 cm



Blues harmonica set w/ case

- Includes 7 harmonicas: A, Bb, C, D, E, F & G


Hohner 7 diatonic 10 hole Blues Band harmonicas in good quality carry case

    Product Features
  • Harmonicas in the keys of G, A, Bb, C, D, E and F
  • Includes a reference key table to help you choose which key to use
    Product Specifications
  • Comb: Plastic
  • Reeds: 20
  • Harmonica Length: 10cm






Set of 12 Chord Blues Ten diatonic harmonicas in every possible key to allow accompaniment to all pieces of music. Supplied in a bespoke fabric and hard foam zip case with individual harmonica compartments in a soft, plush interior.

We also sell the Chord Blues Ten Harmonicas individually in popular keys - see further down page





These models feature a special tremolo tuning to generate a tremolo which is perfect for Country Music or Cowboy Music

In C or D tuning

Big Valley

Special Models

Tremolo model for general use with very easy and good response. Well formed coverplate design for easy handling. Sturdy construction combined with modern materials such as stainless steel coverplates.

What's more it's only £15.99

Ocean Star 48 - type tremolo - Key C - Number of holes 48 - Reeds 48 brass - Cover surface stainless steel - Reed plates 0,9 mm brass - Reed plate surface brass - Mouthpiece surface ABS - Comb ABS, black - Length 18 cm


Reeds 48

Reed Plate Silver Brass


Stocked in C CHECK

or G to order

Echo Celeste

This 24 hole model produces a beautiful vibrato effect as you play a traditional ballad, folk song or gospel favourite. Three complete octaves allow you to play melodies using the lower notes missing from most diatonically tuned harmonicas. The Echo Celeste features 48 silver brass reeds, a padded, zippered case, and laser engraved covers. Available in all 12 major keys.

What's more it's only £29.99


Chrometta 12

Make It Look Easy
Available in 8, 10, 12, or 14 hole versions, this harmonica is a great introduction to the art of chromatic playing. Its user friendly design includes an enclosed mouthpiece and slide mechanism which allows you to blow straight at the reed plates, creating a tone that is clear and consistent with strong projection. The enclosed cover design insures a rich, full resonance.

• Plastic injection moulded comb • 48 notes, 3 octave range, C-major • 1.05 mm brass reed plates • Robust construction • Wider channel openings make it easy for the beginner to play single notes • Stainless steel covers

Model Chrometta 12
Series Chrometta Series
Sound Chromatic
Reeds 48
Reed Plate Brass, 1.05mm
Keys C Major, G Major
Comb Plastic
Case/Packaging Plastic Snap Box
Size Length: 16.5cm
Price £95

NORMALLY C and G Models

C Model

G Model



This inexpensive series boasts robust construction and a specially formed mouthpiece to facilitate single note playing.

Chromatic harmonicas enable the player to perform music in all keys on one instrument. Actually they consist of two diatonic harmonicas in one, tuned a semitone apart - for example in C and C#. The slide button is pushed in to switch the airflow from one to the other, thus raising the pitch of each note by a semitone. By combining these two scales, all 12 notes of the chromatic scale are available (some of them twice), which opens up a wealth of new musical options to the player. Chromatic harmonicas can easily be distinguished from other harmonica models by the slide button on the right hand side. They are most commonly heard in classical music and jazz, but are also often used in blues, folk music and pop. All chromatic harmonicas feature tempered tuning.


Harmonica in C Major key
Reeds: 56
Reed plates: Brass 1.05 mm


Chromonica 48 - G  
The Chromonica 48 has set standards for chromatic harmonica manufacturing for several decades. Loved by professionals, it is the instrument which is most frequently recommended by teachers all over the globe. Its simple construction make it an affordable, compact and reliable instrument. The beautifully crafted pearwood comb is optimized to great response over its complete range, from the mellow low octave to the bright and clear top octave.

Pearwood comb 48 Classic chromonica reeds (full 3 octave range) 1.05 mm brass reed plates affixed with nails Stainless steel covers Short slide action Hard shell case Available in C and G Chromonica "gold" with 1.05mm gold plated brass reed plates available in C-major only Made in Germany





A great spec'd instrument for a very modest price of just £63. Just believe it!

 Professional 12 hole, 48 note chromatic harmonica in the key of C major with spring copper alloy reed plate and plated pressed steel cover plates. Suitable for advanced players and multi-key accompaniment. •Precision slide for accurate sharps and flats •Removable plates for cleaning and servicing •Supplied in a sturdy plastic case with cleaning cloth. Dimensions 43 x 160 x 30mm     Weight 194g

Key C (chromatic)
Notes - blown C, E, G, C, C, E, G, C, C, E, G, C
Notes - drawn D, F, A, B, D, F, A, B, D, F, A, B
Notes - blown with slide C#, F, G#, C#, C#, F, G#, C#, C#, F, G#, C#
Notes - drawn with slide D#, F#, A#, C, D#, F#, A#, C, D#, F#, A#, C


  The Range.... Fantastic Value at only £5.50





10-hole, 20-note diatonic harmonica with spring copper alloy reed plate and plated pressed steel cover plates.

 Suitable for blues playing when key is selected a perfect fourth above the accompanying instruments.

•Available in a variety of keys

•Removable plates for cleaning and servicing

•Supplied in a sturdy plastic case with cleaning cloth

Dimensions 104 x 21 x 29mm

Many Keys always

Lee Oscar and other brands are also available to order    


Spring bar clamp with adjustable neck hoop for holding a harmonica in position for hands-free playing

Just £7.50 to get to grips with all these...

Hey, and where's the Harm...' in that?

We hope to see you soon!




Melodica with 32 keys and bag 

Supplied with - Mouthpiece - Flexible tube and soft case - Length: 16.1" / 41cm

RRP £19.99   GB now £14.99




Hard Plastic 


Just £1.99

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