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We will have a variety of second hand instruments available for purchase or hire. We order a range of new instruments from leading suppliers We will help you choose and if needed can provide setups, repairs and general maintenance of your instrument.
 Call us we can supply many different options  

Frame Drum (non tuneable)

10" Tambour £9.50 

12"  Tambour £11.50 

Skin Heads. Supplied with beater


Product photo Tuneable Wooden Frame Drums 8" and 10"

This professional grade tuneable drum produces a fantastic, pure sound. The drum has a wooden shell and a natural skin head and the under side is open ended allowing one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre. Supplied with a beater.

8" £12.99
10" £14.99

CAJÓN - Beech Wood, French Wood or OAK

A full sized cajóns featuring internal snare wires to create various different sound effects. Ideal for busking or unplugged gigs.

Heavy duty rubber feet prevent sliding

Protective carry bag included Soundhole placed on the rear of the cajón

ALL FINISHES £99.00 Oak, French wood
We're cheaper than all the online guys! 



Natal Black Cajon-Large CJAN-L-SW-BB

The Natal range of traditional Cajons are expertly hand crafted and feature: fully adjustable snare wires, high grip tops and heavy duty rubber feet

List £115


A pair of bongos, 6.5" and 7.5" in diameter, with tunable hide heads and a traditional rim. Features black metalwork and a lacquered wood finish.
Supplied with tuning key, for use with drum tension rods


List £39.00   GB Music £26.00 normally or 24 hrs

S/hand used set £15.00




A pair of bongos, 6.5" and 7.5" in diameter, with stain-banded finish and chrome hardware. Supplied with tuning key for tuning via standard drum tension rods.

List £55.00   GB Music £35.00


7.5" and 6.5" natural-coloured traditional wood bongos

- Head: Natural skin - Shells: Wood - Tuning: Drum key


List £72.40  GB Music £59.00

PP Percussion 25 Note Glockenspiel

Silver metal keys, 2 beaters included
Ideal for beginners and advancing students alike. Bright, colourful and durable, and with consistent tuning across the range.

Housed within a robust, practical carrying case with handle for easy transportation, featuring quality metal keys and a pair of beaters so players can get started immediately.

25 keys (with a G5-G7 note range)


List £32 GB Music £23.50 SOLD OUT SORRY!
List £69 GB Music £53.00
GB Music 0779 55-66-801 Many quality items including Percussion Packs and specialist items for educational studio and live use. See also our standard Percussion page
Hand Percussion  


Plastic egg-shaped shakers for percussion effects.

£1.00 ea (or 3 for £2.50)




<<< BEAUTIFUL Quality

Wooden Egg Shakers -

Large Natural Wood versions of the egg shake

£2.50 or £4.00/Pair

GB Music 0779 55-66-801 Castanets Plastic

These pair of bright red, fun looking finger castanets with eyes on each one are best sellers as popular with early years as well as older children and easy to play with a low price.



GB Music 0779 55-66-801 Castanets Wooden

One pair of red and blue finish wooden castanets ideal for younger children as lightweight, easy and fun to play with. A pair of budget PP592 plastic finger castanets are offered as an alternative.



Performance Maracas / Fiesta Style / Pro Drummer
Small but VERY LOUD.

Perfect for stage use, often seen with big brand logos,
ours are in a range of colours

Special Deal Price

£3.99 / Pair


GB Music 0779 55-66-801 HANDLE BELLS

Wooden handle 5 jingle bells on a strap.


Wave Sound Drum 8"

A twin sided drum with metal beads, can be used as a shaker, and a tapping drum, but also when rolling the beads from side to side it emulates the sounds of the sea lapping on the beach...

Very therapeutic!


6" Natural Tambourine with cymbals

JUST £3.95

We have a selection of other sizes of Crescent and traditional Tambourines We have a selection of other sizes of Crescent and traditional Tambourines
Large Crescent Tambourines

From £8.50

Large Natural Wood Octachime on a handle with beater


GB Music 0779 55-66-801 WOODEN AGOGOS

A pair of wooden agogo bells attached to a wooden handle. Each bell has a serrated surface to be used like a guiro as a percussive rasp.


GB Music 0779 55-66-801 GUIRO

A traditional wood painted guiro with striker for creating "rasp" percussion effects.

£11.99 out of stock

See also Meinl Classical / Orchestral items below

GB Music 0779 55-66-801 POD SHAKER

Wooden pod-shaped shaker filled with beads and painted in a red/natural/green calypso style for traditional Latin rhythm effects.


GB Music 0779 55-66-801 JINGLE STICK

6 sets of tambourine jingles on a moulded plastic handle.



5" Triangle on quality wood frame with metal chimer

(hole to store chimer built into frame)

Great Sound!


We also stock traditional hand held triangles from £4.99

GB Music 0779 55-66-801

Meinl Merengue Guira Large
Includes Scraper

GB Music 0779 55-66-801

Meinl Plastic Guiro
Includes Plastic Scraper, Black

GB Music 0779 55-66-801

Meinl Fibreglass Guiro
(Rubber / Polymer Striker), Black

GB Music 0779 55-66-801

Meinl Wood Guiro
Includes Wooden Scraper, Amber

Bodhrans - NONE LEFT SORRY :(
Image result for PP6660



Hand Painted Hand Carved Djembe

Traditional hand strung professional Djembe

Djembe Sun Rainbow 12" head 60cm tall