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We can order many brands new, we also have some ex demo and second hand so this is a taste of what we have in stock

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Great for practice / studio or as a handy backup

The Little Smasher is a SUPERB guitar head or backup when your valves go down! If you've never believed anything could cover your guitar's ass apart from lugging multiple boutique amps around - hear this and you'll relax. You can use it to feed the the 4x12 cab, or any cab from 4ohms to 16ohms ...and yes it is WARM, LOUD and RESPONSIVE - and comes with it's own power supply!  
Featuring Gain and Volume controls, along with a 2-band active EQ with a massive 15dB boost and 30dB cut available on both the Bass and Treble controls, the Little Smasher's four analogue modelled cascading gain stages provide a range of tones, from chimey clean to plexi-esque rock crunch. It's designed to work especially well with pedals up front if you need to push it further or want multiple channels. Now, 5 watts of power may not sound like much, but the Little Smasher is a diminutive little beast that can easily drive a wide range of cabinets. It'll sound great with a 4x12", and it's also surprisingly loud - you'll have no problem annoying the neighbours with the Little Smasher. The idea of having a portable amp in a pedal board (check out Diago's top-notch Gigman, Showman and Tourman pedalboard range at www.diago.co.uk) alongside other effects is a great concept, and with the Little Smasher, Diago have conceived a real quality piece of kit.
Mini Rock Station Guitar Amplifier  
GB Music Price £99

EFFECTS: CHORUS Detuned doubling effect for multi - layered jangly chords and wide arpeggios FLANGER Double - tracked regeneration effect from liquid oscillation to jet sounds PHASER Oscillation phase shifter, emulating classic rotating speaker effects TREMOLO Repetitive modulated volume changes for retro surf and rockabilly styles DELAY Digital repeats fed back with the original signal for echo effects REVERB Multi - layered ambient repeats simulating spring or plate reverb effects

Portable guitar amplifier with 7 digitally modelled amplifiers and 6 types of multi-effects. This compact unit provides a polished, recordable sound with 8W output through the 6.5" speaker. For production quality on the move, the Mini Rock Station can be operated from battery power and can even hang from a shoulder strap. Incredible flexibility is afforded by this little amp for a near limitless variety of situations.

Mains power adaptor supplied or battery (6 x AA not supplied) 7 classic amp models Realistic tube amp emulation

Built-in 32-bit DSP effects Ideal for travelling, studio and busking

PRE-AMPS: 1 CLEAN Clean solid state amp simulation 2 BLUES Classic U.S. A. 4 x 10 ” blues - rock combo 3 CRUNCH 60 ’ s British 4 x 12 closed back stack 4 BRITISH Legendary 60 ’s British Class A 2 x 12 ” combo 5 CLASSIC 70 ’s British h igh g ain r ock s uper stack 6 SOLO 80 ’ s U.S.A. high gain lead solo ist amp 7 METAL 90 ’ s metal distortion pedal through classic stack 8 FLAT Flat frequency response for microphone or acoustic guitar


CG 10 - GUITAR AMPLIFIER Authentic vintage tone / Classic cabinet styling


Output 10Wrms Speaker 165mm (6.5")

Gain, drive switch, volume, treble, middle, bass

Guitar input, headphones out (6.3mm jack)

290 x 280 x 150mm Weight 4.0kg

RRP £65.00

GB Music £45

CG15 amp - 15 w RMS Guitar Amplifier with Spring reverb Authentic vintage tone / Classic cabinet styling


15W guitar amplifier with clean and overdrive channels,
3-band EQ and spring reverb.
The cabinet has an angled and recessed control panel with retro "chicken-head" knobs, metal corner protectors, basket-weave style grille cloth and traditional vinyl covering.

 Classic styling is matched by authentic vintage-style tones in both clean and overdriven modes with a respectable 15W output delivered through an 8" vintage-voiced speaker. Internal spring reverb unit Authentic vintage tone Classic cabinet styling AUX input for CD or MP3 players etc. Headphone output for silent practice

Dimensions 340 x 325 x 180mm Weight 7.0kg

RRP £94.00

GB Music Price £69


  Authentic vintage tone / Classic cabinet styling


CG30 amp - 30 w RMS Guitar Amplifier with Spring reverb + channel footswitch socket  

A bigger sibling with that bit more poke and features!

Output 30Wrms Speaker 250mm (10") Controls
Clean volume, Overdrive gain, volume,
Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb
Guitar input,
Footswitch input,
Headphones out (6.3mm jack),
aux in (RCA)
Dimensions 410 x 380 x 200mm
Weight 12.5kg

RRP £135.00


Authentic vintage tone / Classic cabinet styling

CG60 amp - A BIG 60 w RMS Guitar Amplifier with Spring reverb + channel footswitch socket  

Open Back
Effects Send / Return

Output 60Wrms Speaker 300mm (12")
Clean volume, bass & treble, overdrive gain, (mid) contour, bass, treble, volume, reverb

Connections Guitar input, footswitch input, effects loop send & return, headphone out (6.3mm jack), aux in (RCA)

Dimensions 480 x 530 x 280mm Weight 17.3kg

RRP £225.00


(Check stock)

 Acoustic Amplifiers -              See also: Marshall Acoustic Amplifiers

Latest Version of the classic SHERWOOD Acoustic Amplifier

Perfect for Solo Artists The Carlsbro Sherwood 20R is the perfect little amp for the solo artist. Equipped with a 20 watt output and dedicated instrument and mic channels it is a great amp for the soloists. Featuring a 4-band EQ section, global reverb and individual controls for the instrument and mic channels, the Sherwood 20R is a versatile little amp. As well as providing the perfect tool for sound, its appearance gives off a vintage appeal. Featuring a textured front and brown casing, it provides a retro look that any guitarist will love. The general structure of this amplifier features an angled tilt back cabinet to provide the ultimate volume projection whilst performing.



Latest Version of the classic SHERWOOD acoustic 2 channel amplifier

Mic and Guitar inputs, with Reverb

Upright or wedge standing

RRP £99

GB Music SPECIAL £79

Carlsbro is a UK-based supplier of musical instrument amplification and speaker systems, originally founded by Stuart and Sheila Mercer in Nottingham, England in 1960. Their equipment has been used by artists such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Oasis and Vašek Martíne, and delivers great quality products. The original Sherwood Acoustic Guitar Combo was one of the very first guitar amplifiers to enter the market and for over 30 years used throughout the world by the most highly respected acoustic guitar players. Today the ‘Sherwood’ once again leads the way with their warmth and clarity. Features

20 Watts Acoustic Guitar/Microphone amplifier TRS Guitar input (with Active/Passive toggle) XLR Mic input with individual volume control Full Tone stack Vintage Appearance Parametric EQ Angled Cabinet provides optimum volume for live performances Global Reverb control TRS Mp3 input and TRS Headphones output

Technology: Solid State Channels: Two (Guitar and Microphone) Power: 20 Watts/4ohms Inputs: 6.3mm TRS Guitar, XLR Microphone, 6.3mm TRS Mp3/Line In Outputs: 6.3mm Headphone Controls: Guitar Volume, Microphone Volume, Reverb EQ: Bass, Middle, Middle Sweep, Treble Effects: Reverb Speaker: 1 x 6.5" Bass/Tweeter dual Impedance: 4ohms Weight: 9kg Dimensions: 29.5 x 37 x 25 cm


Kinsman 15W Busker Amp KBA158

Battery or mains powered for anywhere use £115

• 15 W rms • 8" Speaker • DC Operation with Equipped Rechargeable Battery & DC Socket • Operational While Charging On AC or DC Power Supply • Battery Life: 2 Hours at Full Power Output, 4 Hours at Normal Playing Condition • Microphone Channel: Hi & Lo Input, Level and Tone Controls • Instrument Channel: Hi Input. Gain, 3-Band EQ, Level Controls, Boost Switch • Headphone Jack • AC/ DC Power Mode Select Switch • Dimensions: 359W x 298H x 283D mm • Weight: 8.3 Kgs • Rugged Cabinet with Metal Grille • Rubber Feet on 3 Sides for Different Operational Positions

 Laney A-Duo                                                                              Also See The Marshall AS50

GB Music £239

Built for Power & Portability

The A-Duo acoustic amp offers a high-quality tone in an extremely portable design, allowing players to place it on the floor or mounted on a speaker stand. Its two 8" custom-designed dual-cone speakers provide 30 watts each, delivering 60 watts total with plenty of headroom to sound amazing on large stages. Its minimal stage footprint also ensures it can fit on any stage, and can also be used as a performance seat. A range of acoustic friendly controls ensures players have everything then need to give their guitar an all-natural, beautifully amplified tone and adapt to multiple performance situations. Dual Channel Flexibility

Featuring 2 completely independent channels with XRL combi inputs, players can choose to connect a mic and instrument, two different instruments, or blend separate mic and pickup connections from the same guitar. This flexibility doesn’t stop there, as both channels feature their own 3-band EQ, reverb, chorus, and levels to provide excellent tonal shaping. For quick tone shaping, 4 EQ pre-sets provide different curves for a range of situations. The Laney amp is also designed to be quick and easy to use, the addition of a shape control provides instant single button optimisation. An anti-feedback button and phase switch help eliminate any unwanted noise or interference, ensuring the amps tone remains clean. Ultimate Connectivity

Designed to adapt to multiple performance situations, the Laney A-Duo offers excellent connectivity to enhance your playing performance. An Aux input allows music devices to be connected so you can play along to your favourite songs or backing tracks, and the headphones output allows for silent practice. The amps XLR inputs feature phantom power to allow players to connect condenser or dynamic mics. The balanced D.I. outputs offers direct, mic-free connection to mixers or active speakers for larger performance situations. The addition of an FX loop allows players to add additional FX units to further enhance their performance. Features

Delivers 60 watts of power & enough headroom for large stages Dual channels with wide range of controls provide the ultimate flexibility Aux input for playing along to songs and backing tracks Headphones output offers silent practice Balanced XLR D.I. Output provides mic free connection to mixers and active speaker systems Minimal stage footprint with the option to use as a performance seat Pole cup for use with standard 35mm pole stand (Sold separately)

Specifications General - Power: 60W RMS (2 x 30W) Speakers: 2 x 8" Custom Designed Full Range Dual Cone Channels: 2 Controls: 3-Band EQ, 2 x Reverb, 2 x Chorus, Level, Anti-Feedback, Phase Power Requirements: Universal Mains Power IEC Input Average Power Consumption: 100 Watts Weight: 10.5kg (23.2lbs)

Connections - Channel 1 Combi (Mic/Line): Balanced XLR/Unbalanced 1/4" Jack Impedance: 10MOhm Channel 2 Combi (Mic/Line): Balanced XLR/Unbalanced 1/4" Jack Impedance: 10MOhm Aux Input: 3.5mm Stereo Jack FX Send/Return Loop: 1/4" Mono Jack D.I. Out: Balanced XLR w/Source Switch & GND Lift Headphones: 3.5mm Stereo Jack Remote: 1/4" Stereo Jack

Laney Freestyle Audiohub

Twin Channel Fully Portable Busker Amp, Mains / Battery

Aux input for backing tracks


The AudioHub Freestyle by Laney is an all-in-one, highly portable multi-instrument amplifier that provides you with everything you need for on the road playing in one handy unit.

The Laney AH Freestyle is perfect for any venue from playing in your room or garage to rehearsing at school or busking on the street.

Channels: 3 Channels Power: 5 watts RMS    Equalisation: Master 2 Band EQ    Line Out: Yes    Line In: Yes    Drivers: 8" Custom Driver    Cabinet: Design Kickback Combo    Effects: Delay with Time & Feedback - assignable to each channel     Headphone Socket: Yes - mini jack    Kick Proof Metal Grill: Yes Master Section: Volume, Master 2 band EQ Battery    Power: Mains or Battery powered - PSU supplied    Inputs: XLR/JACK combi, Jacks & Mini Jack

Combo amplifier for electro-acoustic guitars with chorus effect. The high output amplifier drives a 2-way speaker set fitted into a ported, angled speaker cabinet. Finished in durable brown vinyl covering with perforated steel speaker grille. •Analogue chorus effect for guitar •AUX input for playback source •3-band EQ + swept mid.


D.I. output Balanced XLR
Output power 60Wrms
Inputs Mic (combo), guitar (jack), CD (RCA)
Speaker units 250mm (10")
dual concentric + 50mm (2") HF driver
Frequency response 50Hz - 16kHz
EQ controls Bass, mid, mid freq, treble & mic. tone
Effects Chorus (guitar) & reverb (foot-switchable)
Dimensions 425 x 455 x 320mm

List £210

GB Music £129


Also See The Marshall AS50

ZT Amplifiers - Lunchbox Acoustic

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic - UK VersionZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic - UK VersionZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic - UK Version


Model Number


List £449

GB Music Deal £359

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic -2 Channel Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Amplifier

The ZT Lunchbox Acoustic is the most lightweight & compact pro-quality 2-channel acoustic guitar/vocal amp on the market today.

Players frequently comment that the Lunchbox Acoustic is “the most natural sounding acoustic amp” they have ever used. ZT went to great effort to achieve this result, careful to avoid “coloring” the instrument’s sound, and instead making your guitar sound like your guitar – just louder. And by utilizing the amp’s power to assure the low frequencies so important to acoustic guitars remain strong despite the 6.5” speaker size, ZT succeeded in making the Lunchbox Acoustic sound much bigger than it is.

Individual controls for the dedicated microphone and instrument channels combine with clean, room-filling amplifier power, anti-feedback circuitry, a pro-grade digital reverb, external speaker output, and an effects loop for plenty of flexibility. You can even add pre-recorded tracks via the 1/8” aux input.

There is simply no other amp as easy to transport & gig with than a ZT amp, and for the acoustic player, it’s the ZT Lunchbox Acoustic.

  • Custom designed ultra-power 6.5" speaker
  • Mic channel w/ 1/4” and XLR inputs
  • Instrument channel w/ 1/4” input
  • Independent Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb controls for both channels
  • EFX Loop
  • 3-position Anti-Feedback Control with bypass
  • Anti-Clip limiting circuit
  • Phantom Power (12V)
  • Internal Speaker Mute switch
  • External Speaker Output
  • Headphone out (1/4”) with volume control
  • Aux in (1/8”)
  • Switchable 115V/230V
  • 75W Class A/B power amplifier (200w Output)
  • Peak Output: >114dB at 1 meter
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.8" x 7.7"/192mm x 250mm x 196mm
  • Weight: 12 lbs./5.4kg
  • Mic Channel: Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb
  • Instrument Channel: Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb
  • Master Controls: Volume, Anti-Feedback
  • Misc. Controls: Phantom Power, Headphone/DI Output Level, Internal Speaker On/Off




The Yamaha THRC112 Speaker Cabinet is a compact, lightweight and ultra-portable electric guitar speaker cabinet

Producing up to 150 watts of output power through the single 12 inch Eminence Legend 1218 speaker the THRC112 is perfect for practise and performance. The THRC112 is constructed from a robust 18mm plywood enclosure and also features a single 1/4 inch jack connection and durable plastic carry handle.

Type: Closed Back Speakers: 1 x 12" Name: Eminence Legend1218 Frequency: 70Hz - 5.5kHz Power Rating: 150W Impedance: 8 ohms
Input Rear: INPUT (1/4" Phone) Dimensions: (W) 481 x (H) 371 x (D) 271 mm Weight: 13kg Material: Plywood 18mm

Excellent condition second hand, virtually unused.

NEW TYPICAL £299 - £325

This one £179

Rage TransTube 258
The basic building blocks of the TransTube® sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp and power amp. The preamp section tailors gain to meet the need for any amount of drive, from crystal clear to thick, smooth sustain. The power amp reacts just like a tube output section by responding to the preamp with natural compression that increases as the amp gets louder. With TransTube®, you get a killer amp with widely ranging dynamics and natural "grit," just like a tube amp!


8 inch super-duty Blue Marvel® speaker Two switchable channels: clean and lead 3-band EQ Tape/CD input Modern/vintage voicing switch Headphone jack 25 watts (rms) Weight Unpacked: 17.50 lb(7.938 kg) Weight Packed: 21.00 lb(9.525 kg) Width Packed: 10"(25.4 cm) Height Packed: 17.87"(45.3898 cm) Depth Packed: 15.62"(39.6748 cm)

RRP £163  GB Music £119

Gutsy Li'l thing!
With TransTube®, you get a killer amp with widely ranging dynamics and natural "grit," just like a tube amp!

Bandit® TransTube 112 - The Legendary Guitar Amp

At the 1995 NAMM show thousands of players, media and dealers crammed into a small demo room inside the Peavey exhibit, one after another, where our engineers set up a blind A/B comparison between their new invention and a real tube amp. No one could tell the difference between the two. Some "golden ears" even thought the TransTube Bandit was the real tube amp. But How? In devising the TransTube Circuitry, our engineers studied every aspect of how a tube amp works. We learned that recreating tube tone isn't merely a question of gain structure. It's about the entire component chain and how each one interacts with the others. It's about damping factor and the corresponding speaker response. It's about power amp compression. How the amp breaks up when driven hard, harmonic structure and non-linear gain stages. It's about cabinet size, bracing, wood and thickness. But most importantly, it's about what it's not. Those other manufacturers' half-hearted attempt at tube emulation failed because they focused on the wrong elements. So we concentrated on emulating the tone characteristics we all recognize and love about tubes and 86'd the rest. It's a deceptively simple concept, but it took three U.S. Patents to map the entire process for the history books. Set up a comparison at your Peavey dealer and discover the TransTube difference for yourself. No marketing hype needed. You won't believe your ears! "The original 'Valve-state style' amp"



100 Watts (rms) into 4 Ohms (w/external speaker) 12" Blue Marvel® speaker High and Low Gain inputs TransTube tube emulation circuitry Footswitchable Clean and Lead channels 3 band passive EQ on each channel 3 position EQ/Gain Voicing switch on each channel Reverb with level control Footswitchable Boost with level control ¼" stereo Speaker Simulated Direct Out jack with level control Footswitch optional 80 Watts (rms) into 8 Ohms Weight Unpacked: 40.00 lb(18.144 kg) Weight Packed: 48.00 lb(21.772 kg) Width Packed: 15.75"(40.005 cm) Height Packed: 28.37"(72.0598 cm) Depth Packed: 23.87"(60.6298 cm)

RRP £435  GB Music £359

Incredibly LOUD!   SEE YouTube: https://youtu.be/qClecZjFxf0 Seriously in depth review, by a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously

Still not convinced about TransTube? Blind Test Video: https://youtu.be/EX9su1L-JAE


We are appointed dealers, so Call us about ANY PEAVEY PRODUCT





Come in for a real feast!

Featuring Gain and Volume controls, along with a 2-band active EQ with a massive 15dB boost and 30dB cut available on both the Bass and Treble controls, the Little Smasher's four analogue modelled cascading gain stages provide a range of tones, from chimey clean to plexi-esque rock crunch. It's designed to work especially well with pedals up front if you need to push it further or want multiple channels. Now, 5 watts of power may not sound like much, but the Little Smasher is a diminutive little beast that can easily drive a wide range of cabinets. It'll sound great with a 4x12", and it's also surprisingly loud - you'll have no problem annoying the neighbours with the Little Smasher. The idea of having a portable amp in a pedal board (check out Diago's top-notch Gigman, Showman and Tourman pedalboard range at www.diago.co.uk) alongside other effects is a great concept, and with the Little Smasher, Diago have conceived a real quality piece of kit.

Laney Laney VC30-212 30W Class A Valve Combo  

Serviced / valves etc, this second hand example is great value

The Laney VC range are billed as 'Modern Classics' with class A design and the pure tube sound produced by a carefully matched pair of EL84 valves.

The VC30-212 offers superb tone and vintage looks.

Power RMS: 30 Watts Inputs: Hi & Lo Jacks Channels: 2 Equalisation: Bass, Middle, Treble Bright Switch: Yes: On Clean Channel Preamp Valves: Premium ECC83 Output Valves: Premium EL84 Class: Class A Reverb: Yes Footswitch: FS2 (Not included) Speaker connections: Jack FX Loop(s): Yes Impedance: Minimum 4 ohms Drivers: 2 x 12" Celestion 70 Eighty

£299.00 Fully Serviced / Valves etc


(NEW £659)



SPECIAL £569  



This is a rare beast!

The JCM800 is a world renowned amp head, revered for it's pure tone, single channel that breaks up with gain - a phenomenal amp for the professional player.

100watts Lead, but this time in a 2x12 Celestion combo format, exceptionally powerful when needed, subtle when you don't. YES I said that about a Marshall

Early 1980's example in stunning condition




MS2 - The Orignal Marshall Mini amp!
MS2C In Limited edition Classic Grey/Gold


 Marshall MS-2
and MS2C
You'll be surprised how
good these are!



Valvestate 100   S/H  

One of the best!

These amps are so reliable, and with a Valvestate Valve pre-amp give you that all important start to processing your guitar sound.

This 100watt 1x12
is in great condition

It's our Guitar Demo amp
- we don't really want to sell it!
VG Condition





  This cab was nearly new until someone pushed the front into a sharp object...

One Replacement Celestion speaker later and it's back to full strength.

There's a sign of the incident on the front grill-cloth still, but that's all.


Marshall 1960a


The Most famous Cab around!

£180 to clear!

We checked it out in the workshop and a new matched UK made G12T -75 (Celestion speaker) was installed by me, so I guarantee this is going to sound as good or better than new!

I buy and Sell - so get in touch

Endorsed by Alphonso Johnson, Ken Taylor and Hellmut Hattler, three of today's hottest players, this is the ultimate tone toolbox for bass, acoustic/electric guitar and keyboard players! It's like having 4 modellers in a box for the price of one. Choose from 32 classic amps, 23 legendary speaker cabinets and 16 killer effects models.

Store your own presets in the 125 memory locations, or get presets developed by today's hottest players. Go to our ToneLibrary to get even more! Hitting the road is no problem - a power supply, dual footswitch and gig bag are all included!

For Bass/Acoustic/Electric Guitar Plus Keyboard Modelling 32 Classic Amps 23 Speaker Cabs 16 Effects Models

 ALL RETAIL BOXED and Includes Unit, Pedal, Gig Bag, Manual & Power Supply
Ex Demo
- looks like it's never been out of the box!

Gear4Music £91 
This one from GB Music £

40 BA - 40 W RMS Bass Amplifier  

- 1 x 10" speaker - Metal front grille - High impedance instrument input - 3-band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble)
- Master volume control
- Compression control
- Headphone output
- Stereo jack input for CD/MP3 player
- Weight: 10.3 kg / 22.7 lbs

RRP £172
Promo £119

MORE DUE End August


- 1 x 12" speaker - Metal front grille
- High impedance instrument input
- 3-band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble)
- Master volume control
- Compression control
 - Headphone input
- Effects Loop (send/return)
- Stereo jack input for CD/MP3 player
- Weight: 19.5 kg / 43 lbs

RRP £249
Promo £179

MORE DUE End August
ELF bass amp...
fits in your back pocket!
200 watts into 4 ohms
and 130 watts into 8 ohms,
Weight 0,73 kg

 £249 Late August (Phone to check)

Trace Elliot ELF bass amplifier - Trace Elliot® Introduces ELF Bass Amplifier as Industry's Smallest, Most Powerful Solution
Good things come in small packages, and now Trace Elliot® can add "small yet powerful" to that saying with the introduction of the ELF bass amplifier. Weighing just 1.6 pounds, this revolutionary amp is small enough to fit in your back pocket. The ELF's remarkable technology and size make it the most portable, gig-worthy bass amplifier ever made. It's an ideal solution for any bassist who is concerned with size and weight, but isn't willing to compromise on tone or performance. Designed in the U.K. and the U.S., the ELF produces a solid, fan-cooled 200 continuous watts RMS at 4 ohms. The switch mode power supply has thermal as well as over-current protection, and the gain knob features a bicolor LED that turns red when the preamp compressor engages.

The unique input gain has three regions of operation - uncompressed, variable multiband compression, and overdrive. In terms of sonic quality, the ELF has a clean signal path with simple controls, making it easy to achieve a professional bass tone. The 3-band rotary EQ has three proprietary Trace Elliot filters: low center (80 Hz), mid center (500 Hz) and high center (4.2 KHz). Studio-quality XLR outputs, with a ground lift switch, ensure the tone the player has on stage is the same tone in the PA.

There's also a headphone output to enable quiet practice. The ELF provides all of this versatility in a unit that measures a trailblazing 1.35'' by 6.75'' by 4.10''—today the smallest bass amp in the industry.


Peavey MiniMAX 500-Watt Lightweight Bass Head
500W Solid-state Bass Amp Head with 3-band EQ, FX Loop, DI Output, and DDT Speaker Protection



GB Music
Just £

A Little Bass Brute from Peavey  - A massive tone arsenal - Built like a tank     SEE MORE HERE

Peavey's MiniMax bass amplifier head packs a punch - in a diminutive package. How do they pack 500 watts of bone-rattling power into a chassis that weighs under six pounds and fits in your backpack? Cutting-edge technology - that's how. But the MiniMax story doesn't begin and end with raw power. This little beast has finesse. Like DDT speaker protection, 3-band EQ, Peavey's TransTube gain boost, and psychoacoustic low end enhancement that adds bottom without killing your speakers. Yes, MiniMAX boasts an impressive feature set, but it also has a gentle price tag that any working bass player can afford. 

A massive tone arsenal The Peavey MiniMAX packs a massive tone arsenal that you'll find ideal for any live or studio gig. To shape your signature sounds, you get 3-band EQ with Punch, Mid-shift, and Bright controls, as well as Peavey's psychoacoustic low end enhancement. What's more, MiniMAX sports a pre-gain control with Peavey's TransTube gain boost, which lets you add tasty tubular growl to your sound. There's even a convenient built-in chromatic tuner that allows for easy tuning on the fly. Built like a tank

The MiniMAX boasts the rock-solid construction that we've come to expect from Peavey gear: this little brute is built to withstand years of pro touring abuse. The back panel gives you an FX loop to patch in your effects and an XLR DI output for connection to your sound reinforcement system. The MiniMAX mates beautifully with Peavey's Headliner or PVH series bass enclosures, for a reliable, super-lightweight professional bass rig.

Peavey MiniMAX Bass Amp Head Features: 500 Watts RMS into 4 ohms DDT speaker protection Pre-gain control with TransTube gain boost 3-band EQ with Punch, Mid-shift and Bright controls Psychoacoustic low end bass enhancement Built-in direct output with ground lift and pre/post switch 1/8" aux input; 1/8" phones output Chromatic tuner with speaker and DI mute Two twist-lock combo 1/4" outputs Built-in effects loop Active and Passive inputs Dimensions: 10.75" width x 3.25" height x 6.625" depth Weight: 5.6 lbs. Comes with carrying bag


We can also supply the Eden (Marshall) Bass range, so call us on that too :)     Tuesday to Sat: 01243 864692
Eden EGRW264 Bass Guitar Head and Cab with Cable & Bag  


A gig ready package including Eden's lightweight, compact WTX264 bass amplifier.

Supplied with a compact ported Eden speaker cabinet with whizzer cone speaker design for defined powerful tone delivery.

The EGRW264 is perfect for bass players looking for Eden flexibility and power in a portable package.

Includes Amplifier Bag and Speaker Cable.

Eden WTX264 and EX110 4 ohm Cabinet with Bag and Cable Spec Features:

Power: 260W @ 4 Ohms Amp Modes: Mono Frequency Response: Speaker Connection: Speakon or 1/4"



RRP £679.00

GB Music £420

HEAD £220



Peavey MiniMEGA 1000-Watt Lightweight Bass Head
1000W Bass Amplifier Head with 4-band EQ, Compression, DI, Punch and Bright Switches, KOSMOS Bass Enhancement, and Effects Loop

Featherweight Bass Powerhouse      SEE MORE HERE

If uou play larger venues, you've paid your dues hauling around the old ear-bludgeoning stack of doom. Thanks to new amplification technologies, those days are over. Peavey - always on the cutting edge - brings you a powerful, delightfully featherweight alternative to the big Jurassic monster: MiniMEGA. MiniMEGA is just what its moniker implies. It delivers a gut-churning 1,000 watts into 4 ohms, and yet it weighs in at just nine pounds and fits in a backpack. Peavey made sure MiniMEGA rocks everything a proper gigging bass amp head should have, such as 4-band EQ, compression, and a DI. Then there's the extras - including punch and bright switches, KOSMOS bass enhancement, an effects loop, and groovy customizable control surface color lighting. Oh, and one more thing: MiniMEGA sounds massive and incredible. Your bass called. It wants its MiniMEGA. Peavey MiniMEGA 1000W Bass Amp Head

Features at a Glance: 1,000 watts continuous into 4 ohms (1,500 watts burst power) Gain control with crunch button Built-in optical compressor with defeat switch 4-band EQ with punch and bright switches Mid controls feature semi-parametric control with narrow Q controls Built-in KOSMOS bass enhancement and psychoacoustic sub controls Master volume with mute control 1/8" headphone output 2 twist-lock combo 1/4" outputs Tuner output Effects loop with bypass DI output with XLR and 1/4" outs DI pre-post switch, ground lift, and pad controls MIDI footswitch input Customizable control surface color lighting Footswitchable crunch, compressor, KOSMOS, FX loop, and mute DDT limiter
Weighs in at just 9 lbs
. Comes with carrying bag     Rule the stage with the Peavey MiniMEGA!

 Retail £680 - GB Music Just £529

Type Solid State Number of Channels 1 Total Power 1000W RMS, 1500W Peak Effects Yes Compression Yes EQ 4-band Inputs 1 x Instrument Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x Tuner, 3 x 1/4" Footswitch I/O Yes (MIDI Footswitch Input) Effects Loop Yes Weight 8 lbs.


Peavey Headliner 210 Bass Enclosure - A favourite of ours!

The new Peavey Headliner 210 Bass Enclosure has been re-designed from the ground up for the serious bass player on a budget. Voiced for punchy bass with lots of harmonic tone, the versatility and performance of the Headliner™ 210 encourages use with any fine bass amp head. The Headliner™ 210 is constructed using internal bracing, and is covered with road-worthy black carpet. Steel corners protect the cabinet from the rigors of the road. The cabinet includes a black powdercoat finished 16 gauge perforated metal grille. The two 10″ ferrite magnet woofers are designed with a rich bass tone in mind. The sealed cabinet insures tight bass notes, with every note rendered precisely. Inputs include two 1/4″ input phone jacks, and one 4-pin twist-lock connector for maximum flexibility. With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and a power handling of 400 watts program and 800 watts peak, the Headliner™ 210 can be used in conjunction with any reasonably sized bass amp head.

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Features - 400 watts program power handling 800 watts peak Two custom-designed 10″ ceramic magnet woofers 8Ω impedance 18mm MDF cabinet with internal bracing and steel corners 16-gauge perforated metal grille Durable black carpet covering Two 1/4″ input jacks and one NL4 four-pin receptacle

EDEN EX210 Bass Enclosure

The EX210 is a very compact cabinet with a powerful punchy sound.
This 300 watt cabinet provides power and clarity thanks to Eden's background in cabinet design.
This 2x10" cabinet is ideal for combining with other E-Series cabinets, such as the EX410 SC4.

Tuned and ported cabinetry Tweeter horn Kick-proof grille assembly Built-In pocket handles 1/4" Input connectors

Power Handling: 500W RMS / 1000 peak Speaker Config: 2 x 10" Dimensions: H: 15.6 in / 39.5 cm W: 21.5 in / 54 cm D: 16.3 in / 41.5 cm Weight: 44.9 lbs / 20.4 kgs

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The bigger brother of the EC8, the EC10 has more power and a larger speaker. It offers the perfect balance, combining 50W of power and 3-band EQ control that gives players the freedom to explore different tones.

The EC10 offers higher power in a convenient package, ideal for home use and smaller practices. Touring artists use EC10s for practicing on the road, including Johny Chow and Cass Lewis .
3.5mm jack stereo media input, send and return for effects etc and headphones socket

Power Handling: 50W Speaker Config: 1 x 10" EQ Control: 3-band EQ & Enhance Controls Dimensions: H: 15.55 in / 39.5 cm W: 13 in / 32.9 cm D: 12.52 in / 31.8 cm Weight: 24.2 lbs / 11 kgs

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PVMX110 Peavey Amp Combo Bass Max 110  

The MAX 110 delivers more bass in a space-saving package. The 10" heavy-duty woofer with 100 watts of power delivers fantastic sound so you're ready for gigs and rehearsals. Enjoy low-end without taxing the speaker thanks to the patented TransTube circuitry, offering you a gain boost and psycho-acoustic low end enhancement. The EQ section features a 3 band EQ and a button for mid-shift, as well as a built-in chromatic tuner and 1/8" jacks for aux input and phones output.

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Watts: 100 Watts RMS into 8 ohms Speaker: 10 inch speaker EQ: 3 band EQ with mid-shift control Gain: Pre-gain control with Transtube gain boost Low end: Psycho-acoustic low end enhancement Inputs: 1/8" aux, 1/4" instrument Output: 1/8" phones Tuner: Built-in chromatic tuner Speaker protection: Patented DDT speaker protection. Dimensions Weight: 15.88kg Width: 40.386cm Height: 49.784cm Depth: 36.83cm
AMP1 delivers a wide tonal palette, from jazz to metal, in professional quality. Thomas’s dream was to put the immense power and character of vintage tube amplifiers into one small package that would fit into any glove compartment or gigbag – without compromising on the tones. Mission accomplished!


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• Input: unbalanced jack • Sensitivity: OV-15V P2P maximum • Input impedance: 2 M Ω • Power output: about 100 watts • Input jacks: 1 x 8 Ω, 1 x 16 Ω • FX Send/Return: unbalanced jack • LOW: -10dBU +/-1dB or 0.7V P2P • HI: +4dBU +/-1dB or 3.46V P2P • FX Send-Output impedance: < 1.3kΩ • FX Return-Input impedance: > 18kΩ • Voltage: 100-240V +/- 10 % 50-60 Hz • Power consumption: max. 150 watts • Fuses: internal: 3.15 SB • Temperature: 0 °C to + 35 °C • Midi system: STM 8 S • Interfaces: Upgradeable with external programming device BluGuitar® specific, anachronous data protocol. • Width: 245 mm • Height: 68 mm • Depth: 192 mm • Weight: 1.2kg

The BluGuitar NANOCAB is the smallest 1x12“ box with the biggest sound – a real recommendation as a compact cabinet, without any real competitors.
Thomas Blug: "A real problem with my favourite Greenbacks is their capacity of only 25 Watts. A Greenback can be surprisingly loud, but in spite of this I’ve burned though many of them in my time. Therefore the Greenback isn’t suitable as a speaker for a 1x12“ box with different users. The desire for my own ultimate speaker (suited to my taste) just kept growing. It should encompass the stable 500Hz low-midrange of a V30, but also have the creamy midrange presence and the silky treble of old greenbacks. And it needs to be resilient enough to be the only speaker in a 1x12“ box."

Type:1 x 12“ Closed Back / Open Back Power:60 Watt Impedance:8 Ohm Speaker:1 x 12“ special BluGuitar Classic Wood:"Baltic Birch“ ply w/finger joint corners Tolex:Black Levant Grill Cloth:black Basket Weave Weight:10 kg Dimensions:35 x 35 x 27,5 cm Connectivity:1 x Mono In, 1 x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out Special Features:Dual ported for best Bass-Response, Closed Back / Open Back Cover, removable

Nano £360 GB Music £315
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The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of my many years of trying to capture the sound-character of an old 4x12" box in a compact 1x12" format.
Thomas Blug: "A big chunky bass with a quick response, a creamy mid-range and a soft silky treble on top, which stays smooth and doesn’t get annoying. For me, the FATCAB sounds and feels like an old Mini 4x12" box."

Type: 1 x 12“ Closed Back Power: 60 Watt Impedance: 8 Ohm Speaker: 1 x 12“ special BluGuitar Fat Wood: „Baltic Birch“ ply w/finger joint corners Tolex: Black Levant Grill Cloth: black Basket Weave Weight: 15 kg Dimensions: 37 x 55 x 30 cm Connectivity: 1 x Mono In, 1 x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out Special Features: Thiele-Small design for best Bass-Response

FatCab £470 GB Music £425