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Esteve Guitars have been manufacturing in Valencia for many years.
These are highly regarded guitars with excellent sound and playability.


These guitars are made to order. When they are sold we re-order, but delivery can be between eight and ten weeks  

In Valencia, a city located south of Europe and along the Mediterranean Sea is the most prestigious ESTEVE craft workshop SPANISH GUITAR.
It was in 1957 when Francisco Esteve, Manuel Antonio Monfort Adalid and decided to create his first guitar workshop and begin their journey in the construction of this instrument.

Later, Manuel Adalid son commits to boost ESTEVE name worldwide, incorporating new techniques in construction and design, adapting to the demands of the international market, but always keeping alive the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. The team of 52 craftsmen working in Esteve is its main asset. A group by vocation, years of experience and learning, love their work and enjoy every piece ending.

Thanks to all this, ESTEVE guitars are known and appreciated throughout the world for its sound and excellent finish, by the noble materials they are made and for that rare combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques used in its construction . ESTEVE, a Spanish guitar with soul that gives inspiration and skill of its interpreters purity and charm of their sound.

Model 4ST
Professional Quality - Solid Cedar Top Neck Back & sides Mahogany, Fingerboard: Rosewood, Bone Saddle and Nut.

Special Price 299
Very special price!


There is only one method applicable. Building a heritage building tradition of expert luthiers and craftsmen that have made the firm Esteve guitars one of recognized value and prestige.

The top, rosette and neck are hand prepared and glued. Dual rings are inserted and glued fit the heel to the top, which will be solid wood (usually cedar or spruce).

Then the head is adjusted and both rings are joined by the bottom. Reinforcements of inner rings (valance, or zoquetillos tentellones) fit and glued to the sides.

Then, put the chains and put the floor (back of the guitar) in a pattern or mould to prevent warping. The sides and floor are solid wood and noble.

Once the glue is dry special inserts or decorative borders are profiled.

Using a tuning fork, the sound is shaped deep and wide, then the fretboard is styled, then, the bridge.

Then, cuts are made for the frets on the fingerboard and the frets proceed to be set and finished.

HIghest Professional Quality
Esteve 7SR
Esteve 7SR classical guitar, solid cedar top, back and sides solid rosewood, rosewood fretboard, scale 65cm, nut width 52mm, finish high polish


List 799
Our Price
Very special price!



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